The Castaway’s New Chef’s Table Provides Front Row View of Kitchen Action

Seasonal six-course menu at redesigned Burbank restaurant
Dessert at The Castaway Chef's Table
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Dessert at The Castaway Chef's Table

The Castaway, Burbank’s newly redesigned hilltop restaurant, now provides more than just a view of the city. In August, Castaway launched a Chef’s Table seating 10 guests who can get an eyeful of all of the kitchen action.

Executive Chef Perry Pollaci creates a new seasonal six-course menu including a welcome cocktail and an amuse bouche for guests dining at the Chef’s Table.

I recently was fortunate to be a guest at the new Chef’s Table and was impressed by the stellar kitchen and city views as well as the innovative dishes that Chef Pollaci created for our group.

Our dinner began with an assortment of beautifully displayed cocktails including an infused tea, El Mariachi and Beauty and the Beast drinks. Each had a unique presentation and included a variety of different liquor combinations.

Our amuse bouche included an oyster with caviar, watermelon and jalapeno minuet; steak tartar in a cone and a camel (that’s right, camel) slider with Red Dragon cheese from the restaurant’s extensive charcuterie selection. All were delicious and unexpected.

Next came a pretty red wild salmon belly with borscht of local beets, horseradish and salmon roe. This was followed by a scallop done several different ways and beautifully plated alongside peach degustation and yuzu.

Our main proteins were a sea bass en papillote with carrots and a gorgeous Waygu beef with black truffle potato mash and main lobster. We finished with a lovely cheese plate with truffle honey and jam and the biggest dessert plate I have ever seen. Every type of dessert was represented, including cookies, chocolate mouse, carrot cake, red velvet cake, tiramisu, a bunch of ice creams and gelatos, macaroons, and much more.

Chef Pollaci uses unique and unusual plates throughout the meal so dishes are both delicious and beautifully showcased.  At $125 per person, a seat at the Castaway Chef’s Table is well worth the price.

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Chef’s Table is available Friday and Saturday evenings at the Castaway restaurant with dinner beginning at 6:30 pm, call 818.848.6691 for reservations.