Can We Guess Your Personality Based on Your Fast Food Burger Choice?

Every chain tells a story…

If you're a McDonald's fan, you may be set in your ways.

Are you a McDonald’s purist, or more of a Wendy’s guy? Do you swear by In-N-Out, or is it Shake Shack or bust? Here’s our best guess at your personality based on your fast food burger preference.

You’re a purist who tends to not venture outside the box. You’re most likely set in your ways, and perfectly OK with this.

You might be a little bit of a square.

Burger King
You tend to root for the underdog, and also like to have it your way.

White Castle
You’re kind of a hothead, and there’s a party animal hiding inside you.

Shake Shack
You won’t settle for anything but the best, and some might call you a little bit cocky.

You’re laid back and like to have a good time. You appreciate the finer things in life.


You don’t do anything small, sticking to a “go big or go home” approach.