Cadbury Is Hiring a Chocolate and Cocoa Taster

Our Willy Wonka dreams have been realized!

Cadbury Chocolate, the inventor of delicious milk chocolate bars and creme eggs, is looking for a chocolate and cocoa beverage taster. The coveted position was recently posted to the U.K. company's online job board. 

No experience is necessary for this absolute dream job, which pays approximately £9 (about $12.64) an hour to eat and drink chocolate. Full training will be provided to develop your taste buds and the specific vocabulary required to address your opinions on their creamy dreamy chocolate. We take it “mmmm good” isn’t going to cut it?

Cadbury broke down the kind of taste tester they are looking for with these qualifications: “a passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection, honesty and objectivity when it comes to giving an opinion, eagerness to try new and inventive products, a communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel, articulate with a firm grasp the English language.”

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That pretty much sounds like us… so sign us up and schedule the interview! Beforehand, of course, we’ll make sure to eat a few of the 15 best breakfast foods to help ace a job interview.