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Budweiser's Iconic 'Whassup' Commercial Is Back With Some Help From Burger King

If America were a hat, it would be this one
burger king budweiser
Burger King

Burger King and Budweiser are partnering to remake Bud’s classic “Whassup” ad and to launch Burger King’s newest sandwich along with a unique hat. 

If your summer dreams include enjoying an ice-cold Bud and a juicy burger, you’re going to love Burger King’s new collaboration with Budweiser. The all-American beer and burger brands came together to remake Budweiser’s iconic “Whassup” commercial — this time featuring “The King” — and to launch Burger King’s new American Brewhouse King Sandwich and their limited-edition “Freedom Crown,” which is half beer hat, half sandwich holder, and 100 percent awesome.

“We’re excited to celebrate summer with the ultimate Bud and burger pairing, and to bring back our ‘Whassup’ commercial in an epic way with Burger King,” said Budweiser vice president of marketing Ricardo Marques via a press release. “The King of Beers and The King of Burgers are going to give America something to cheers to this summer.”

So, whassup? Burger King is launching the new $6.19 American Brewhouse King Sandwich — made with two flame-grilled beef patties topped with three half-strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, crispy onions, tavern sauce, American cheese, and mayo, which does sound like it pairs perfectly with a refreshing Budweiser at home. The all-American pairing is in stores now for a limited time only.

Oh, and there's a limited-edition “Freedom Crown.” The bald eagle-emblazoned lid will be available (in limited quantities and to those 21 and older only) via the brands’ Twitter accounts and will hold both a beer (with flexible straw) and a sandwich (for some reason) while the wearer engages in plenty of summer shenanigans.

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