A Brooklyn Homebrewer’s Oktoberfest: PROST!

A gathering celebrated classic beer styles made by homebrewers
Prost Oktoberfest

Dan Myers

The event was held at Brooklyn's Industry City Distillery.

What happens when you take 20 homebrewers and tell them to brew a German style beer for an Oktoberfest celebration? If the brewers happen to be members of Brooklyn’s Brewminaries Homebrew Club, you get PROST!, held at the Industry City Distillery in Sunset Park last Saturday.

Set up like your typical beer tasting festival, PROST! had said brewers pouring more than 20 different German-inspired lagers and ales from both bottles and on draught. It was the Brewminaries’ first public event, and it went off with a bang. In keeping with Oktoberfest tradition, there were several excellent examples of both the amber märzen and the lighter festbier styles. However, diversity ruled the day as the brewers went even beyond Munich for inspiration, serving styles from all over Germany.

Naturally, other Bavarian favorites such as Munich helles, dunkel, and hefeweizen were featured. There were also tasty bocks and doppelbocks of every strength and shade, including a standout weizenbock. The funky side of beer was also well-represented with a Berliner weisse (served mit schuss of raspberry, blackberry, or the coveted waldmeister syrup), and a super-tart gose, the salt-and-coriander wheat ale typically from Leipzig.

It was also refreshing to try fresh examples of some less popular styles, specifically the Dortmunder lager and a faithful Düsseldorf altbier. There was even a roggenbier, a German rye ale that you don’t see too often. As hosts, Industry City didn’t want to be left out either, so they distilled a variety of schnapps for the event, including raspberry, barley, and an herbal variety similar to Jägermeister.

Plenty of bratwurst and veggie sausage was available to keep everyone well-fed, along with delicious red kraut and mustard. The Brewminaries also managed to hook guests up with a whole bunch of awesome raffle prizes, including beer and swag from breweries Other Half, Barrier, and Sixpoint, and gift certificates to local bars like Covenhoven and Bar Great Harry.


PROST! Was a great way to promote the Brewminaries’ message of brewing better beer, and to get the word out about the excellent homebrewed specialties being made in New York City. Some of these German styles aren’t the easiest to brew, and every one was pulled off well. Here’s to them keeping it going strong!