The Best Meal Tim and Nina Zagat Ever Had Was at This French Restaurant

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The couple behind the Zagat Survey have never wavered on what they consider to be the best meal they’ve ever eaten.

Tim and Nina Zagat of the famed Zagat Survey (commonly known as the Zagat Guide) still count a meal they had in France 40 years ago as the best meal that they have ever eaten. The couple, who have been married since 1965, spoke at a panel discussion at the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s annual Food & Wine Gala earlier this week and tried to unpack the memory of their dining experience for the audience.

After some deliberation as to the location, the Zagats finally agreed that the meal took place in Brittany, in the town of Le Pont Neuf. The restaurant is called Lorand Barre, and according to French publication Le Télégramme, it’s still in business. The husband-and-wife duo stumbled upon the beachside Michelin two-star eatery in the ‘70s and have described the experience as the best meal they’ve ever had ever since.

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The couple also reportedly recounted the menu for the audience — on that occasion, Lorand Barre served them spiny lobsters, poulet de Bresse, roasted lamb, and crêpes. That menu definitely sounds like it includes some of these 14 essential French foods.