The Best Deep-Dish Pizza Outside Of Chicago

It may not seem possible, but good deep-dish does exist outside of Chicago. Although it's mainly made by Chicagoans who have fled the harsh winters of the homeland in favor of year-round sunny skies, there are other people who have honed the craft of a good deep-dish pie without the benefit of Chicago roots.


And thank goodness for that! What's a world without a thick, cheesy slice of spinach pie? Sauce on top, naturally. While some New Yorkers may call this Midwestern staple a casserole — as opposed to their $1 cardboard? We'll take our casserole, thanks — deep-dish is a beloved pizza tradition that takes a lot of skill and love and time to re-create.

Let's face it, all pizza places offering deep-dish can't be Lou's.

Craving a taste of Chi-town out of town? Check out the best deep-dish pizza outside of Chicago and let that Windy City-inspired sausage, onion, and green pepper pie soothe your soul.