The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, Part 9: George’s

George’s is an off-the-radar Philly gem

Yelp/ Tuan D

This cheesesteak is simple perfection.

This is part nine of a series of 10 discovering the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the full ranking, and check out parts one,  two,  three,fourfivesix seven, and eight

Since 1936, the under-the-radar George’s has been quietly serving some stellar cheesesteaks in the Ninth Street Italian Market in Bella Vista. The roast pork, sautéed ground veal, Italian sausage, meatball, and even the tripe sandwiches are all to die for, but the cheesesteak is really something else. The coarsely chopped meat is tender and juicy, and the cheese is gooey and coats every last bit of meat. The bun is soft and moist. It’s simple perfection.


A tiny little shop with a handful of stools, a takeout window, and a small amount of outdoor seating, George’s is about as old-school as it gets. Some might say that is doesn’t have much ambiance, but if you’re looking for that classic sandwich shop experience, it doesn’t get more traditional than George’s.