Behold the Spaghetti Cone, Culinary Innovation at Its Finest

If you’re a fan of spaghetti, you’ll love this innovative new way to take pasta on the go

Could spaghetti be the next great street food?

Ever wished spaghetti was more convenient to eat on the run? No? Well, anyway, behold the spaghetti cone, available at Spaghetti Incident in New York City.

This innovation in portable food takes a lightweight but sturdy cardboard cone and fills it with warm, delicious noodles, allowing pasta lovers to eat spaghetti on the run. Lids are available for sealing, in case you’d like to eat your spaghetti cone later.

There are eight cone varieties currently available, all of which range from $8 to $12. People can choose classics such as ragù Bolognese ($9) with ground beef and tomatoes or the bucatini Trevigiana ($10), which uses a light cream sauce to tie together pancetta, pine nuts, and shredded radicchio. 

The idea of these cones originated while chef Emanuele Attala looked through photos of his childhood in Italy, reports The Guardian. Beach festivals were thrown often, and Attala loved to watch as vendors ripped off sheets of wax paper, curled them into cones, and served food out of them like a bowl.

Spaghetti, when you think about, lends itself to being eaten out of a cone. It’s common to twirl the pasta around your fork and bring it your mouth. The natural curves of the cone help guide the noodles around your fork, allowing for easy consumption. 


This isn't the first time we've seen an unorthdox mix of food and cone; in the past several years a handful of restaurants attempting to sell pizza cones, in which the crust itself was the cone (including an outpost of the popupar Brazilian chain Cone Pizza), have popped up in the New York area with limited success. But if the venerable ice cream cone is any indication, savory cones are bound to catch on at some point.