Tony Maws from Behind the Swinging Doors: The Kitchen at Craigie on Main Slideshow

Behind the Swinging Doors: The Kitchen at Craigie on Main Slideshow

What goes on behind the kitchen doors at Craigie on Main?

Tony Maws

Jane Bruce

Chef Tony chats with his son during brunch. He dips some greens into ketchup and tells his dad his latest innovation, "Salad...with ketchup!"

Carl Dooley

Jane Bruce

Formerly of Westend Bistro and Battersby, the chef de cuisine heads the kitchen when chef Maws isn't there.

Brunch Dishes

Jane Bruce

In the front, Anson Mills yellow corn polenta with rock shrimp, chorizo, and a farm-fresh egg, some pork belly on the side, with an order of toast and the house-made semolina spaghetti in the back.

Chris McMullan

Jane Bruce

Seen here with Maws is Chris McMullan, one of the sous chefs at Craigie on Main.


Jane Bruce

The house-made donut with cajeta is an absolute must at brunch.

Picking Up Dishes

Jane Bruce

One server will yell, "Runners, please!" and a handful of people come immediately to bring dishes out to tables.


Jane Bruce

The yellow corn polenta waiting to be topped with an egg.

Chef Maws and Chef Carl

Jane Bruce

The chefs look at tickets and dishes assuring that everything is perfect. Maws doesn't spend as much time at Craigie as he once did, he's more often found at Kirkland Tap & Trotter. He says, "That place is more new so I spend more time there. It’s more casual, gastropub-y."

A Quiet Moment

Jane Bruce

It's very fleeting, but Maws and Chris McMullan have a moment to chat during the busy brunch service.