Barefoot Wisdom: Ina Garten Quotes to Live Your Life By


Always Bring the Party

Be the fun you wish to see in the world.

Misery Hates Cookies

We hear the same thing goes for éclairs.

Learn to Self-Soothe

Totally justifies that at-home doughnut fryer you just ordered off Amazon.

Keep Your Friends Close

Don’t push people away — have a big heart (and a small dining table).

Give It Your All

And when you’re going home to perfect grilled chicken and Beatty's chocolate cake, your best is probably much easier to do.

You Can Lead a Horse to Cheese…

To us, cheese is happiness, but we’ve all met those who just don’t care about Camembert.

You Have the Power

You have the ability to manifest beauty in your life — now go out there and do it! Just don’t forget your trusty square scone cutter.