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This Austin Restaurant Has Convinced Thousands of People to Get a Tattoo of Its Logo

Banger’s offers free tattoos to all of its customers

Most people won’t get a tattoo of a company’s logo unless they’re paid big bucks for it, but one Austin restaurant is so beloved that thousands of people have voluntarily gotten its logo tattooed onto their bodies, pretty much the highest form of praise imaginable.

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is a Rainey Street institution, offering more than 100 beers on tap, more than 25 sausage options, a huge outdoor beer garden, and a brunch menu that includes liter-size mimosas served in giant steins. And if you want to get a tattoo of their logo, they’ll provide it for free.

Several years back, owner Ben Siegel decided to partner with a local tattoo parlor to offer the tattoos, and added a blurb on the menu stating that “if you’re ready to get inked then we are ready to foot the bill.” If you tell your server that you want the restaurant’s logo — a boot with a mug of beer and a sausage hidden in the design — as a tattoo, you’ll need to sign a couple waivers and make your way over to Platinum, where it’ll be inked onto you free of charge.


According to Food & Wine, Siegel didn’t actually think that anyone would take him up on his offer, but lo and behold, more than two thousand have. It probably helps that the logo is actually pretty cool, doesn’t actually mention the restaurant’s name anywhere, and makes for a great conversation starter. Now that’s good advertising. To see the absolute worst food tattoos ever, click here.

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