Are These America's Worst Supermarkets? (Slideshow)

These grocery stores received the most complaints

#13 Giant Eagle

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This chain, which has locations in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana, scored a 73. 

#12 Vons

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Safeway’s higher-end arm, which boasts full-service banks, pharmacies, dry cleaners, and copy centers, has locations in California and Nevada. It got a “neutral” score for service, courteousness, and price satisfaction, with a score of 73. 

#11 Price Chopper


With locations throughout the Northeast, Price Chopper is currently owned by the fourth generation of the family that started it in 1932. That doesn’t mean it’s amazing, though; it also scored 73 points. 

#10 Safeway

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With 2,400 stores, Safeway is one of the Western and Central U.S.’s largest chains. It also earned just 73 points. 

#9 Food Lion


Food Lion has locations in the Mid- and South-Atlantic regions of the U.S., and earned just 72 points, with neutral grades in every category. 

#8 Stop & Shop


This northeastern chain earned negative reviews for price satisfaction, and neutral scores for cleanliness, perishables, and service, with 72 points. 

#7 Jewel-Osco

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This Midwestern chain also earned 72 points, with a poor score on price and neutral scores on service and perishables. 

#6 Tops

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Located in New York and Pennsylvania, Tops earned 72 points, with negative ratings for price and neutral scores for perishables, cleanliness, and service. 

#5 Pick ‘n Save


Located in Wisconsin, this chain also got 72 points, with neutral scores on service, price and perishables.

#4 Acme

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Earning 70 points, this Mid-Atlantic chain earned a negative score on price and neutral scores for perishables and service. 

#3 Pathmark


Also earning 70 points, this Northeast and Mid-Atlantic chain received negative scores for service and cleanliness and neutral scores for price and perishables. 

#2 Shaw’s Supermarkets


This New England chain received a negative score for price, with neutral grades on food quality, cleanliness, and service, earning it 69 points. 

#1 Walmart

Wal Mart

The country’s largest retailer is also its worst supermarket, according to Consumer Reports: earning a dismal 67 points, shoppers gave it poor grades due to out-of stock items, a lack of open checkouts, and poor labeling. 


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