Applebee’s Is Serving Up All-You-Can-Eat Chicken Tenders and Riblets

Bring your biggest appetite for this meaty delight

Food lovers and lovers of a good bargain, get excited: Applebee’s is bringing back its popular unlimited chicken tenders and riblets deal. From now until the end of July, big league eaters can get an endless amount of these two apps for just $12.99.

Who doesn’t love the idea of eating more (and more and more) of your favorite foods? Unlike other unlimited food deals, diners can switch off between ordering the chicken tenders or the riblets. That’s a win/win situation if we’ve ever heard of one! The riblets come with either honey barbecue or spicy Texas barbecue sauce, while the chicken tenders come with honey mustard dipping sauce.

Applebee's unlimited chicken tenders and riblets deal


To help promote this deal, Applebee’s teamed up with professional football players (and brothers) Chris and Kyle Long to ask whether you’re #TeamTenders (Chris) or #TeamRiblets (Kyle). And there’s some friendly competition between these brothers and their appetizer of choice.

"We've been going at it since we were kids, and we're always up for a little friendly competition, on and off the field," Chris Long said in a press release. "When Kyle and I were growing up, we always went to Applebee's after games with our Dad. It was perfect for filling us up, and Riblets and Chicken Tenders have always been two of our favorite things on the menu."

So which brother (and food) is better? Fans of chicken tenders of riblets can enter this Applebee’s sweepstakes by sharing their preference between these two meaty delights on social media for the chance to win a whole year’s worth of free riblets or chicken tenders. As of this writing, the two are neck and neck. You have until July 31 to declare your allegiance to either of these finger foods.

Take our advice—this is the kind of meal you should plan for. Work up an appetite by exercising or going for a nice long walk beforehand, so you’re primed and ready. Indulge in these delicious treats for one low price and you’re sure to go home with a belly full of goodness. Want to turn yourself into a true Applebee’s fan? Find out 10 things you didn’t know about Applebee’s!

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