America's Most Outrageous Food Vehicles Slideshow

Maximus Minimus Food Truck

Wikimedia Commons/MarmaDuke Percy

The next time one of your grandiose ideas is countered patronizingly with "Sure, when pigs fly!" know that it might not be so far away. Thanks to the Maximus Minimus Food Truck in Seattle, they now drive.

Westport Flea Market Truck

The Westport Flea Market Truck in Kansas City, Mo., looks absolutely delicious. Too bad it will probably break your teeth. It might still be worth a try, though… 

Hamburger Harley

Cheeseburger aficionado Harry Sperl tricked out his Harley in the coolest way ever. Who wouldn’t want to ride around town on this hog? Well, besides vegetarians, of course.

Midwest Dairy Association Cheese Car

This cheese car looks so stunningly exquisite that it’s a wonder how many mice it has successfully tricked into trying to nab a bite. 

Watermelon Car

It remains unclear who customized this watermelon car to look so authentic — but it’s a good bet that it’s someone who’s pretty popular, especially in the summertime.

Twirlees Ice Cream Truck

Wikimedia Commons/JoeKelsey

The Twirlees Truck may be the first and last time the world will ever see a truck with a cherry on top. Savor the flavor. 

Sweet Jenni’s Cupcake Truck

Perhaps the most delicious feature of the Sweet Jenni’s Cupcake Truck is how positively lifelike the sprinkles and frosting look. The only thing that would make it look any better would be a sister truck that looks like a glass of milk. 

Express Watersports Banana Boat

Hop on the banana boat! Apologies for getting the catchy suntan lotion jingle stuck in your head… good luck getting it out! 

Mars Bar Truck

This lifelike Mars Truck begs the question: Why is it so hard to find Mars Bars in the U.S. these days?

Hershey Kissmobile

How special is your special someone? If you can’t spring for a replica of the Hershey Kissmobile to show how much you care, maybe he or she is worth a bag of Kisses? 

Planters Nutmobile

In 2011 Planters kicked off their "Naturally Remarkable" tour, which espoused the ideals of conservationism to Americans across the country. Mr. Peanut embarked on this nationwide road trip in the Planters Nutmobile, which is made of environmentally-conscious materials and runs on biofuel.

Boston Lobster Feast Car


Orlando’s Boston Lobster Feast Car serves as an apt reminder of the classic Simpson’s episode when Homer adopted Pinchy the lobster as a pet, accidentally boiled him in the bathtub, and ate him without sharing, because "he would have wanted it that way." Tough, but fair. 

Banana Car

As if he needed a legitimate reason to roll around in this awesome banana-mobile, Philadelphia-area native Steve Braithwaite plans to drive the car around the world to raise money for charity. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Truck

This Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee/box of doughnuts truck needs no explanation. There is simply nothing like Dunkin' Donuts to get you going on a morning that otherwise feels like it is going nowhere. 

Top Dog Hot Dog Cart

If Portland, Conn.’s Top Dog cart doesn’t make you yearn for encased meats, you either just ate or didn’t get this far in this slideshow. Very little in between.

Circle K Thirst Buster Bus

Unless you run on gasoline, you may not want to drink the actual contents of this Circle K Thirst Buster fuel truck. That being said, $0.79 for what is likely enough Diet Coke to satiate a family of five is a pretty good deal. 

Goldfish Truck

Who hasn't eaten an entire bag of Goldfish in one sitting? It's nearly impossible to stop eating them once you start. Is there a Goldfish Anonymous support group? No? Well, there should be. This truck most likely serves as a constant reminder for people that they're out of Goldfish right now and need to re-stock their pantries.

DQ Blizzard Truck

The DQ Blizzard-Mobile is only slightly bigger than a large Blizzard. Those things are massive.