America’s Healthiest Chain Restaurants: Chipotle Mexican Grill

It might not be low-calorie, but it’s certainly healthy

Chipotle's newest menu item is a vegan tofu mixture called Sofritas.

This is part eight of a 10-part series highlighting the healthiest chain restaurants in America, along with the efforts they’re making to promote healthy eating. Find part one herepart two here, part three herepart four here, part five here, part six here, and part seven here

Chipotle, more than just about any chain, really plays up their healthy qualities. Yes, they serve burritos, which aren’t exactly health food, but if you look at the ingredients that go into them, it’s hard to argue that Chipotle isn’t a healthy chain.

Chipotle recently switched to serving only food with non-GMO ingredients, they’re phasing out hydrogenated oil from their flour tortillas, they’ve worked out partnerships to source nearly all their ingredients from farms, and all animals are pasture-raised without antibiotics or hormones. They’ve also rolled out the tofu-based sofritas as a protein option for vegetarians, and even posted their guacamole recipe online to prove how simple it is.


Yes, if you eat a burrito from Chipotle every day you’re bound to gain weight, but when it comes to the ingredients, it’s clear that Chipotle sticks to the highest-quality ones available, even if it means raising prices.