America’s Best Chinese Restaurants Part 5: Mission Chinese

This San Francisco restaurant is a hipster haven

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Roland Tanglao/ CC4.0

Their ma po tofu is very popular.

This is part four in a series revealing America’s best Chinese restaurants. Find part one herepart two here, and part three here, and part four here, and stay tuned for the complete ranking.

Chef Danny Bowien’s San Francisco landmark is still going strong, and very well just might be the most famous Chinese restaurant in America today, commanding hours-long waits that are only somewhat assuaged by kegs of free beer for those who decide to stick around. Thankfully, you can order takeout, so it’s possible to enjoy quirky, non-traditional dishes like kung pao pastrami, barbecued pig ear terrine, and an upmarket twist on beef with broccoli that incorporates tender brisket and smoked oyster sauce without being crushed by hipsters. The New York location, which was shuttered by the city’s Department of Health in October 2013, re-opened with much fanfare in a new location last December. Some may think that Bowien is just a flash in the pan (his follow-up restaurant, Mission Cantina, opened to poor reviews), but we think that his star is only continuing to rise. 

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