America’s Best Chinese Restaurants Part 4: Yank Sing

This dim sum palace is a San Francisco landmark

Yank Sing's soup sumplings are legendary.

This is part four in a series revealing America’s best Chinese restaurants. Find part one here, part two here, and part three here, and stay tuned for the complete ranking.

Yank Sing, the popular dim sum restaurant in San Francisco’s financial district, was founded by Alice Chan in 1958. There are now two locations of this third-generation family-run restaurant, both creating almost 100 items a day to be rolled out into the dining rooms for diners to choose. Both locations are excellent, but some of our Chinese friends prefer this one, where on weekends, the crowd spills out into the Rincon Atrium.  Any conversation about San Francisco's best dim sum is dangerous, but you can easily make a case that this is the city’s best. Either way, complementing the merits of Yank Sing's xiao long bao is well-tread ground. Thin dumpling skin, pursed plump dumplings, a dash of vinegar, perfection. Wait, was that a xiao long bao haiku?