Alton Brown Calls Out Amazon's Alleged Wasteful Packaging


"Have a nice day."

A disappointed Alton Brown just put Amazon on blast. The “Cutthroat Kitchen“ host bought 10 new pie pans off the ecommerce site, and he claims each one showed up in its own separate box. Although he was recently crowned the most influential famous foodie on Twitter, Brown took to Instagram instead to express his disdain. 

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“Dear Amazon, I ordered 10 pie pans — little metal pie pans. You didn’t have to send each one in its own box. This is why polar bears are dying,” the 56-year-old said with a smile in a video. “Have a nice day.”

The post picked up over 11,500 likes and 54,000 views in just three hours. Many of Brown’s followers are supporting his position against unnecessary packaging.

“They’re called Amazon because they need the trees from that rainforest to create more packaging,” @astroboytoy said.

“Good move Alton. Sheesh, such a waste. Unless you save them for wrapping Christmas presents,” @patriciapxm said.

Others are defending Amazon and suggesting that the boxes actually came from a third-party seller.

“Those are not Amazon boxes. That was a 3rd party seller/shipper on Amazon,” @kylehildebrant said, to which @cmt.paparazzi.bling replied, “OMG someone else in this thread with a brain who doesn’t jump the bandwagon. Thank God! For real though, some companies dictate how their items are packaged TO Amazon as they just fulfill orders. And the same people complaining about wasted packaging would be the first to complain about a damaged product if there wasn’t ENOUGH packaging.”

“Here’s an idea… go to a store and buy. No wait, no packaging, no waste,” @the_sb_tothe_max said.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Amazon for comment. Why does Alton Brown need 10 pie pans anyway? Likely for the sequel to “Good Eats,” which is rumored to be hitting the small screen sometime this year. The original series, and Brown’s claim to fame in the food world, first aired in July 1998. The final episode aired in February 2012. You’ll never guess what he was doing before he was a Food Network star.