Alton Brown Says His New Show 'Return of the Eats' Will Debut on Food Network in 2018

The series is a revamp of ‘Good Eats,’ which ended in 2012

Alton Brown has revamped his Food Network hit, Good Eats, with a new title and even more exciting food and science content.

Alton Brown revealed at Dragon Con in Atlanta that he will be reviving Good Eats with his new series, Return of the Eats for 2018.

New episodes of Good Eats ended in 2012, but now Return of the Eats will feature the same food and science content you know and love in new episodes on TV and streaming online.

As reported by Eater, Alton told the excited audience at Dragon Con, “We’re restarting it. We’re bringing it back. We’re getting the band back together!”

Although we finally have confirmation from the TV host of the show with its revamped title, the news should not come as a complete surprise. Brown left a major clue when he teased fans with a Twitter video earlier this summer in which he visited his old props and puppets from Good Eats in his basement. Brown captioned the video “It’s time…” — leading to a ton of speculation from fans about the return of the show.

Not only will Brown host Return of The Eats, but he will also be hosting Iron Chef Showdown, also on Food Network.


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