Alma Takes Over All Food Service at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood

The Sunset Boulevard landmark has added new food and cocktail menus

Shaena Engle

There's an exciting new bar menu.

Chef Ari Taymor and partner Ashleigh Parsons of Alma have transformed all menus at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. The new Alma at the Standard 24/7 is now serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch at the restaurant and new all day dishes for room service and pool deck menus.

New cocktail highlights include the Frose with frozen rose, vodka, citrus and prickly pear; the Dirty Hipster with whiskey, elderflower liqueur, ginger ale and mint; the Paloma with tequila, salers aperitif, grapefruit and lime juice and a variety of flavored mojitos and margaritas.

The new small bites All Day menu features chickpea fries, tuna tartare with avocado, crushed cabbage salad, fish and chips, smoked chicken club sandwich and a lobster roll.

The main restaurant offers a variety of appetizers including English muffin with burrata, uni and caviar; seaweed and tofu beignet; fried Brussels sprouts; grilled shishoto peppers with squash blossom crema; smoked shrimp and white curry; smoked trout with beets; frozen foie gras and white bass with corn.

Main dishes include tuna and beans; charred octopus with black garlic; lamb with eggplant, plum, and shiso and New York steak with morel mushrooms.

Desserts include buttermilk panna cotta with peaches, ice cream sandwich and seasonal sorbets.

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