9 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Healthy Frozen Meals

Think all frozen dinners are all the same? Well they aren’t anymore!
Frozen Meals

Composite by Kristen Hom

Frozen meals don't look like they used to. 

Frozen meals get a pretty bad rap these days. In this era when eating “real” food is a major priority for consumers, microwaving a plastic container of pallid-looking turkey and mashed potatoes with ingredients like disodium guanylate and L-Cysteine Monohydrochloride is about the last thing many of us want to do. Thankfully, however, there’s a whole new market emerging: healthy, natural frozen meals, made by startup companies that prioritize healthy eating and quality ingredients. We’ve rounded up nine of these companies, and they should definitely be on your radar.

9 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Healthy Frozen Meals

Sales of frozen meals have been declining recently, largely due to the public’s perception that they’re simply not healthy. But while plenty of freezer meals still aren't good for you, there are many choices that actually are. With good ingredients and low levels of sodium and fat, frozen meals can be the great idea they're meant to be, combining convenience with nutrition. These new companies are making organic frozen dinners without preservatives, entrées with no artificial ingredients, and meals that actually have vegetables with nutrients (and some snap) left in them.

No longer are we stuck with a three-compartment tray of mystery meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. Ethnic foods, organic dinners, vegetarian, and even gluten-free entrées are just some of the options available now. There’s still a market for healthy and convenient prepared foods, and more and more new companies are stepping up to the plate to fill that need with frozen entrées.

So from a company that’s mastered the art of the healthy frozen burrito to another that ships restaurant-quality frozen entrees for the whole family across the country, read on to learn about 9 companies that are revolutionizing the frozen food game. 


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