7 Best Seasonal Desserts in San Diego

These bakeries specialize in using seasonal ingredients in their offerings

Fall is pumpkin pie time, and Michele Coulon Dessertier is baking up a storm.

Usually, when discussing seasonal menus, we’re referring to a restaurant serving tomatoes in summer or root vegetables in winter. But the trend is spreading. These seven bakeries in San Diego tapped into the tastes of the seasons to offer delicious pies, baked goods, and more. The best part? The ever-changing menus give visitors a reason to come back to taste what’s new!

If you’re in the Ocean Beach area, the Cuban-infused Azucar should be on your list of must-try places. All year long, Azucar serves up delicious baked goods and sandwiches. However, during the fall, pastry chef Vivian Hernandez really shines with some amazing baked sweets like her carrot cake.

Betty’s Pie Whole
At Betty’s Pie Whole, the classic American dessert is expanded to include brand-new flavors. The favorites are always available and will change the way you think of pies. During the fall, pumpkin pies will go fast; be sure to grab one while you can!

Blush Desserts
When looking for desserts to take home and enjoy selfishly, out of sight of anyone, Blush Desserts has what you need. Many different handmade desserts decorate the glass cases at Blush. Macarons, ice cream, cupcakes, and cakes of all kinds and flavors can be enjoyed during fall at Blush.

Found in the Gaslamp District, Chocolat is where people go for premium desserts made by Maestro bakers. The high-quality ingredients turn an average dessert into a masterpiece. During the fall, pick the seasonal tarts or cakes.

Extraordinary Desserts
Extraordinary Desserts has two beautiful locations in San Diego, one in Balboa Park and the other in Little Italy. Both sites offer an array of desserts that change daily depending on the fresh ingredients available. During the fall, you will find some of the best pumpkin desserts.

Le Parfait Paris
Fine dining usually refers to a three-course meal. However, the concept can extend to dessert. Discover fine-dining desserts at Le Parfait Paris in the Gaslamp District. The desserts found here have won numerous awards, and its menu can help get you in the fall mood.

Michele Coulon Dessertier
Chefs come from many different types of backgrounds, but Michele Coulon never wavered once she discovered baking. Coulon started baking as soon as she was old enough to manage a whisk and has turned that passion into a business. Buy custom special-occasion cakes at her shop, or pick up smaller desserts for an everyday evening. Dessertier offers some of the best fall desserts in town using the freshest ingredients.