6 Things You Need to Know About the Return of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck

The dining mecca will re-open in Bray, England after completing its six-month Melbourne residency

A fantastic Heston Blumenthal creation from The Fat Duck.

1. The official opening date in Bray, England is September 29
After feeding thousands “Down Under” in Melbourne for a six-month stint this year, the 3 Michelin starred Fat Duck will resume operations in its original rural England location this month.

2. Brand new menu, brand new experience
Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and his team have re-configured their multi-sensory tasting menu, now titled “The Journey,” listed in a highly cryptic and whimsical arrangement. Additionally, guests can expect even more novel surprises during the meal as The Fat Duck vows to be more theatrical than before in both presentation and service.  

3. Guests have to purchase a £255 ($390) ticket per person to secure reservation
The Fat Duck introduced a new online-only reservation system where guests pay for the price of the tasting menu in advance. The £255 ticket excludes drinks, any additional items and the 12.5 percent service charge, to be paid at the end of the sitting; price and menu is the same for lunch and dinner.

4. The iconic “Sound of the Sea” meal experience will remain on the menu
Heston’s avant-garde classic, which pairs an Asian-inspired dish with iPod sounds of ocean waves, will stay intact on the new menu, while other famous dishes such as the snail porridge have been discontinued.   

5. The restaurant will have a new look
Transplanting the Fat Duck’s team to Melbourne earlier this year allowed for renovations in its 16th Century building in Bray, England, which will include thematic lighting and a brand new kitchen. 


6. Book as soon as possible
As one of the world’s finest, ground-breaking restaurants helmed by a celebrity chef, the demand for a reservation is extremely competitive; for now, The Fat Duck will release availability every first Wednesday for bookings up to four months in advance.