5 Hilariously Massive Drinking Vessels

There’s no reason to drink out of a glass this large

We'll have just one cup, thanks.

For some reason, some people (mostly college kids) love drinking really, really gigantic beers. Maybe they think that they won’t be allowed to order more than one round before being thrown out of the bar, so they want to stockpile. Maybe they’re proudly proclaiming to their friends that they’ll be able to drink the whole thing. Maybe they think that bigger is better, and a big beer is better than a small beer.

There’s one crucial aspect that people who drink gigantic beers forget, however: Once beer warms up, it tastes terrible. And if you pour a whole lot of beer into a gigantic glass, not only will the beer be room-temperature by the time you reach the halfway point, it’ll also be completely flat.

If you ever feel compelled to drink a gigantic beer, just remember that fresher beer tastes better, and in many cases a huge beer costs the same price (or even more) than the same amount of beer served in sane glasses. Here are four people who regretted their decision the following morning:

Recipe for Disaster

It seems physically impossible to drink this beer without spilling it all over yourself.

Giant Hefeweizen

Drinking anything out of this glass is a bad decision.

Giant Cups

Who knew that they even made cups this big?

Das Boot

No roundup of crazy drinking vessels is complete without a boot. The smallest ones hold one liter; the largest hold three or more. If you’re planning on drinking one of these, expect to leave a deposit with the bar, because these things are pricey. 

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