5 Foods That Ketchup Has No Right to Top

Ketchup works with many foods. These are not them

Please, just stop.

Ketchup is one of the most versatile condiments in existence. It’s sweet, savory, salty, tangy, tomatoey… Some foods, like burgers and fries, just don’t seem complete without it (even though a burger made with dry-aged meat doesn’t need it). But there are some foods that are commonly topped with ketchup that have no right to be. Everyone’s entitled to eat whatever he or she wants, but in our opinion these should never be topped with ketchup.


eggs with ketchup

Photo Modified: Flickr/ tanakawho/ CC4.0

This strikes fear into many hearts.

Cheese, bacon, salt, pepper, herbs… all fine for eggs. But we’re sorry, there’s no way that congealed scrambled eggs dunked into gloopy ketchup can ever taste good.

Hot Dogs

hot dog with ketchup

Photo Modified: Flickr/ EvelynGiggles/ CC4.0

At least the ketchup is trying to escape.

If you’re over the age of 12 and you still top your hot dogs with ketchup, please stop. We’d like to introduce you to something called mustard, which is the only condiment that belongs on any sausage.


bologna sandwich ketchup

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Janet Beasley/ CCBY-SA4.0

Don't do it! Resist the urge!

A bologna sandwich with ketchup on white bread isn’t just bad, it’s traumatizing.


steak with ketchup


There’s no better way to ruin a good piece of meat (besides cooking it well-done, of course) than by dousing it in ketchup. Are you trying to taste actual meat, or sugary tomato gloop?

Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese with ketchup

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Benny Mazur/ CC4.0

Don't dunk that into the ketchup.

Grilled cheese is perfect exactly as it is. If you absolutely must dunk it into something tomato-based, make it tomato soup.