5 Dance Moves We Want to See Paula Deen Attempt on Dancing with the Stars

Season 21 is premiering on September 14 ― are you ready, ya’ll?

Deen is looking to reclaim her spot in the limelight.

Paula Deen will be on the 21st season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, which will be premiering on Monday, alongside other marginally famous people like Gary Busey and Bindi Irwin. The 68 year-old queen of butter has been working her way back into the limelight after a much-publicized 2013 lawsuit in which she admitted to using racial epithets and was subsequently dropped by Food Network and just about all of her endorsement contracts were cancelled. Since then, however, her book sales have skyrocketed, she launched a digital network, and she’s started picking up endorsement deals again. In fact if DWTW actually represents her network television debut (aside from a guest-judging appearance on MasterChef). She’s lost a lot of weight recently, and has mentioned that the weight loss was a major inspiration for appearing on the show.

If Busey can do it, Paula probably can too, but we’re not holding out for her to be the DWTW champion. That said, we’re looking forward to watching her bust a move on the dance floor (if only for the hilarity of it all), and there are a few moves that we’d just love to see her pull off.

The Cha Cha

Watching Deen attempt to swivel her hips while repeating “One, two, cha cha cha” to herself will be a sight to behold.

The Paso Doble

Influenced by Spanish bullfighting, while dancing the Paso Doble the man assumes the role of the matador while the partner alternates between being the cape, the bull, and the matador’s shadow, with a lot of flamenco influence. This would definitely be outside of Paula’s comfort zone, and watching her attempt it would surely be a hoot.

The Waltz

Southern belle that she is, we bet that Deen has actually been hiding a solid waltz from us this whole time.

The Jive

With influences in African-American dances developed in Harlem, watching Deen do the Jive would be the ultimate in irony.

The Rumba


Known as the most sensual of Latin dances, during the rumba the woman seduced and teases her partner before withdrawing and repeating the process, and lots of figure-eight hip rolls are involved. On second thought, maybe we don’t want to watch Deen to this.