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24 Places to Get Drunk On Your Food

Sin City Cupcakes

Sin City Cupcakes — Las Vegas

It’s only fitting that one of the most infamous American party cities boasts the drunken desserts that top our list of boozy foods. Sin City Cupcakes offers a vast array of sweet, alcoholic delights to which every other bakery simply can’t compare. Using “only top-shelf, premium liquors and ultra-quality baking ingredients,” the cupcakery makes cocktail-inspired masterpieces from the classic “Better Than Sex” (white raspberry vodka cake, chocolate ganache, and Champagne frosting) and “Bailey’s Wet Surprise” (chocolate cake with cookie dough, chocolate vodka filling and Bailey’s frosting), to the extravagant — like the “Giant Alcohol Cupcake,” with nearly the equivalent of 20 alcohol-infused cupcakes, which can be done in any flavor for a cool $49. The alcohol content isn’t baked out, but you’d still have to consume around 6 to feel any effect. With flavors this enticing, that might not be very difficult.

Prohibition Bakery

Prohibition Bakery — New York City

A classically trained chef and a longtime bartender teamed up to create these intoxicating treats in “New York’s original alcoholic cupcake company.” Originally online-only, these elegant, adults-only cupcakes will soon be sold at a Manhattan storefront. Cocktail-inspired flavors like “Margarita” with lime, tequila, triple sec and salt join more casual pairings like “Pretzels & Beer,” with pale ale, Nutella, pretzel, and truffle, as well as more outlandish flavors like “’Top Shelf’ Scotch & Cigar,’” with molasses, tobacco, and Laphroaig scotch. Even the virgin cupcake, “For the Love of Bacon,” is sinful, with bacon, bittersweet chocolate, and toffee. 

Havana Central

Havana Central — New York City

Any city dweller can probably recall at least one drunken empanada purchase from a late-night street vendor. Havana Central capitalized on the empanada-alcohol relationship in a truly innovative way: their “drunken empanadas” are deviant puff-pastry desserts packed full of booze, instead of the typical meat or cheese fillings. Chocolate lovers will go for the “Chocolate Banana Bailey’s” flavor, while rum-swillers can try the “Pear and Ron Zacapa” or “Peach and Meyers Rum” empanadas, and winos will love the “Guava Cream and Chambord” empanada. 


Salumé — New York City

A perfectly pressed panini might just be the very last thing you’d ever associate with liquor, but Salumé could change that forever. They went bravely where so few sandwich makers have gone before by dousing their sandwich contents in booze, making for some undeniably delicious-sounding alcoholic sandwiches and threatening to make liquid lunches obsolete. Mortadella drizzled with grappa and Prosciutto with scotch or gin are some examples of the sauced-up sandwiches Salumé offers. They look fancy and delicious, but most importantly, you’ll be reaping the full alcoholic benefits, because the alcohol content doesn’t get baked off.


Crunkcakes — Washington, D.C.

The goal of this cheeky cupcakery is “to give you cavities and liver damage at the same time,” and with treats this outlandishly good, that could be a real danger. Standouts include the “Birthday Blackout,” one of two surprisingly vegan cupcakes with marshmallow whipped vodka-infused Funfetti cake topped with vanilla vodka buttercream, the “Fat Cat,” with bourbon-beer chocolate cake filled with salted bourbon caramel sauce and topped with bourbon caramel buttercream, and the “Fat Elvis,” a banana cake soaked in banana rum and topped with peanut butter Frangelico buttercream.

Butch Bakery

Butch Bakery — New York City

It’s a woman’s world out there when it comes to cupcakes, the ever-so-dainty dessert. David Arrick thought it was time to tackle the cupcake gender divide by re-vamping cupcakes with a healthy dose of testosterone — oh, and booze. So he created Butch Bakery, which offers twelve macho cupcakes, half of which might also get you drunk. Brew-loving bros will go for the Beer Run, a chocolate beer cake topped with beer-infused buttercream and crushed pretzels. The Old-Fashioned could easily take the place of Don Draper’s alcoholic vice of choice, with orange-soaked whiskey cake topped with whiskey-orange buttercream. 

Cake Bar

Cake Bar — Los Angeles

What sets this liquor-laced bakery apart from the rest of the batch is its wide array of non-cupcake alcoholic desserts. Their one-of-a-kind cake jars, which are just what they sound like, are a must try. The Red Wine & Chocolate Cake Jar is everything you need for a ladies’-night-in in one jar, and there’s also Mint Julep, Irish Car Bomb, and White Russian Cake Jars for any cocktail craving. Other spirited snacks include Bailey’s White Chocolate cookies, Orange Liquor marshmallows, and Bourbon Caramel popcorn. There’s a snack to get you tipsy in any situation. 


Flex Mussels

Flex Mussels — New York City

Flex Mussels is focused on, well, mussels – but you often pair those with alcohol, and you often pair alcohol with, well, more alcohol. So you might be hungry (and thirsty) enough to order one of Flex’s Boozy Donuts, a delicious donut injected with the cocktail filling of your choice, including “Maker’s Mark Caramel,” “Blueberry Daiquiri,” “Absinthe Chocolate,” or “Margarita.” Why not really make it a party and try all four?

PS 7's

PS 7's — Washington, D.C.

Denizens of D.C’s corporate world in pursuit of the next happy hour thrill can head to the main dining room or lounge of PS 7 for a deliciously different “Cuptail” menu. If you dig in to these alcoholic renditions of seasonally themed cupcakes, you can actually get drunk — with 1.5 ounces of alcohol each, two cupcakes equals a vodka martini. Last year’s Halloween flavor was the “Headless Horseman,” a pumpkin walnut cake pumped with bourbon and topped with spice cream-cheese frosting, while a Scotch-laced apple spice cake with brandy-infused whipped cream make up “Newton’s Nip. Other delicious choices include “Midas Touch,” a toffee pear cake pumped with rum, and “Coconut Pie,” a gin-infused coconut cake with a meringue marshmallow crème frosting.

The Federal Bar

The Federal Bar — Los Angeles

Booze-filled baked goods are a dime a dozen, but alcoholic meat can be harder to come by. Los Angeles’ The Federal Bar doesn’t balk at the idea, though, and they take the concept to a truly gourmet new level. Try the bourbon-infused Wild Turkey meatballs, spare ribs braised in India pale ale, or some festive St. Patrick’s Day chicken wings with whiskey-infused wing sauce if you want a protein-packed way to get tipsy (though in these cases they alcoholic content gets cooked off.)

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Chief O'Neill's Pub and Restaurant — Chicago

As if a bowl of what essentially amounts to pure melted cheddar isn’t enough to send you into a stupor, Chief O’Neill’s Pub and Restaurant went ahead and added a boozy Guinness broth into the mix, making for the ultimate flavor and comfort combo in a bowl. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, try their Guinness-marinated flank steak — which is also topped with a hefty serving of melted cheese. The stout also makes an appearance in Chief O’Neill’s meatloaf, as well as the Irish Eggs Benedict with Guinness Hollandaise Sauce.

La Grange

La Grange — Dallas, TX

Who would have thought that the 2010 Best Bar in Dallas would also have the 2010 Best Snow Cone in Dallas? LaGrange is the restaurant in question, and what won it the best bar award might also be what snagged it the best Snow Cone award — the booze. There’s nothing like a Mint Julep Snow Cone, made with freshly shaved ice and homemade Maker’s Mark-infused simple syrup, to unwind, refresh, and relax in the Dallas heat. Margarita and Pina Colada varieties are also available to suit any summer cocktail craving.

Cake Hag

Cake Hag — Atlanta, Ga.

Don’t be deceived by the sweet, homey vibe of this family-run Atlanta bakery. The menu is full of boozed-up cakes, from “Jameson’s Banana Pudding Cake” to “West Indian Black Cake.” You can make your custom cupcake as lushed up as you’d like: choose from Red Wine Velvet, Bourbon Dark Chocolate, or Mojito cake; lemon/lime mimosa, brandied peaches, or blood orange sangria marmalade filling; and Swiss buttercream or vanilla bean icing laced with brandy.


Sweetcakes — Miami

With a menu full of devious desserts, this bakery isn’t all sweetness. In an inversion of the classic childhood favorite, whoopee pies are filled with a red berry vodka-spiked raspberry purée and topped with raspberry buttercream, while the Bananas and Cream Mojito cupcake presents just one of an endless array of possible alcoholic cupcake combos: the bakers will make you a customized drunken dessert, injecting any sweet with your choice of Kahlua, Disaronno, Godiva Liquor, Malibu, and even Courvoisier.

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Sweet Action Ice Cream — Denver, Colo.

Food & Wine magazine called this Colorado ice cream shop one of the best in the nation, and USA Today says it’s the Best Ice Cream Shop in Colorado. We think there must be something in the ice cream… and that something is beer. With a flavor on the menu like Double Chocolate Stout — which contains a whole bottle of Fort Collins Brewery’s Chocolate Stout — it’s no wonder ice cream judges everywhere agree on Sweet Action’s superlative deliciousness.

Mrs. Murphy and Sons

Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro — Chicago

No Irish eatery would be complete without a generous offering of adult beverages to accompany your meal, but Mrs. Murphy and Sons truly take alcohol appreciation to heart. If you leave without tasting the whisky-soaked ribs with a side of Guinness-infused mac and cheese, you’re doing it wrong. 

Whip In Parlour Café

Whip In Parlour Café

This saloon-style stew is fit for a weary Texan cowboy looking to re-fuel and relax in one fell swoop: Whip In’s Beef & Beer Chili Curry has caramelized onions, tender stewed beef, zesty curry, and an entire bottle of Lonestar Beer. 

Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano — Various locations

Rosa Mexicano is one of those rare chain restaurants that actually has boozy food on its menu. Make dinner into a true fiesta with Rosa’s tequila-soaked filet mignon, a Filete con Hongos (filet with mushrooms), thoroughly soaked in tequila and smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Red Door

Red Door — Chicago

The snow cones being served at this hip Chicago gastropub might resemble the familiar circus or carnival snack, but they’re strictly for adults. The brightly covered cones come in six flavors: Templeton Rye Manhattan, Bulleit Old-Fashioned, Orange Blossom Bourbon, Pear Mojito, Black Cherry, and Malort Chartreuse. They also come garnished with fresh mint or booze-soaked cherries. For $7, they’re a great way to enjoy a childhood favorite in exclusive, grown-up style.

V's Cupcakery

V's Cupcakery — Philadelphia

This quaint cupcake shop boasts an impressively wide range of cake and frosting flavors across the board, but the menu’s hidden boozy gems are where the real fun is. You won’t find a “Sweet Potato” cupcake anywhere else, with a bourbon-infused sweet potato cake and marshmallow buttercream; meanwhile, the “Wild Turkey” is another unique gem, with graham cracker cake topped with Wild Turkey-infused buttercream.


The Terrace at Trump

This fancy restaurant on the roof of the Trump hotel in Chicago is probably the last place you’d expect to find yourself eating a freeze pop. But here at this “oasis of fine dining,” you’ll find alcoholic freeze pops in tantalizing flavors including house-made limoncello with strawberry jus; blood orange, pomegranate and Patron Silver; and toasted coconut with Cruzan rum. It’s a sophisticated way to enjoy a decidedly un-sophisticated snack at the most sophisticated of restaurants. At an ounce and a half of liquor per pop, you’ll be pleasantly buzzed while relishing the views and the novelty. 

Pick Your Poison Bake Shop

Pick Your Poison Bake Shop — Las Vegas

Sin City welcomes all forms of misbehavior — especially of the imbibing variety — so of course there’s at least one liquor-loving bakery in town. Pick Your Poison’s sweet spot for cocktails shows in their wide variety of lush-ious barroom-inspired treats. Quirky combos like Red Bull cake with Jagermeister frosting or the “Drunken Pineapple”’s crushed pineapple and Malibu rum cake with coconut frosting make this a deliciously worthy addition to the hedonistic adult playground of Las Vegas. 

The Anthem

The Anthem — Chicago

Lick your liquor with a Grey Goose Popsicle from this Windy City sports bar. Enjoy one of these cold treats in either cherry noir or orange flavor out on the restaurant’s patio for a way to beat the heat and take the edge off at the same time, all in delicious perversion of a classic childhood summer snack staple. To make them, The Anthem simply mixes vodka with their proprietary fruit purees. Best of all, these cocktails-on-a-stick are only $5 a pop.

The Sweet Lobby

The Sweet Lobby — Washington, D.C.

The owner of this District bakery got her start amping up traditional macaroons with infusions of brandy or champagne filling to bring out the flavors. Next up were cocktail cupcakes in tasty varieties like Irish Cream, Rum and Raisin, and Amaretto. You can also special-order cupcakes in flavors like pina colada, limoncello-lemon zest, and Boston cream with Irish whiskey. 

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