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24 Places to Get Drunk On Your Food

Sin City Cupcakes
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Sin City Cupcakes — Las Vegas

It’s only fitting that one of the most infamous American party cities boasts the drunken desserts that top our list of boozy foods. Sin City Cupcakes offers a vast array of sweet, alcoholic delights to which every other bakery simply can’t compare. Using “only top-shelf, premium liquors and ultra-quality baking ingredients,” the cupcakery makes cocktail-inspired masterpieces from the classic “Better Than Sex” (white raspberry vodka cake, chocolate ganache, and Champagne frosting) and “Bailey’s Wet Surprise” (chocolate cake with cookie dough, chocolate vodka filling and Bailey’s frosting), to the extravagant — like the “Giant Alcohol Cupcake,” with nearly the equivalent of 20 alcohol-infused cupcakes, which can be done in any flavor for a cool $49. The alcohol content isn’t baked out, but you’d still have to consume around 6 to feel any effect. With flavors this enticing, that might not be very difficult.