2015 Summer Fancy Food Show: Highlights And Trends

In its 40th year, the Specialty Food Association's bi-annual Fancy Food Show brings together some of the world's best food and beverage purveyors to showcase the latest and greatest from their respective businesses to an audience filled with buyers, restaurateurs, retailers, and media.

Thousands of vendors lined the halls of the Javits Center from June 28 through 30 for the chance to be noticed in such a large platform (there are over 2,400 exhibits, and 180,000 products showcased at the event).

The Daily Meal scouted the show looking out for trends and exciting new products for the year and we saw so many great things, so here's some Honorable Mentions to look for at a store new you:

  • B!bigo: line of Korean dumplings that can be microwaved.
  • Brooklyn Cured: owner's résumé includes making charcuterie at Gramercy Tavern and Marlow and Daughters, this retail operation has some great products available for sale.
  • Fisher Popcorn: family run popcorn business for over 75 years, the popcorn dusted in ole bay seasoning is a new way to eat the popular snack.
  • Kelvin Slush Co.: started out as a food truck, now their slush is in bottles and found in retailers and bars nationwide. 
  • Life Ice: first all-natural bite-sized flavored ice are perfect for any kind of drink.
  • Red Clay Gourmet: small batch, handmade pimento cheese, the attention to detail pays off in the taste and texture.
  • Simple Gum: the only natural gum in the market, flavors include ginger, coffee, maple, and mint.
  • Soberdough Brew Bread: mother and son in Nashville making delicious bread made with a bottle of beer.
  • Wtrmlnwtr: weird looking name, but refreshing way to stay hydrated — watermelon water that uses a whole watermelon in each bottle.
  • Zia Valentina Waffleshot: a waffle cone cup rimed with chocolate created to serve coffee and other beverages.

Finally, here is a recap of the best we found:

Apinya Thai Food Co.

It is hard to resist a good Thai sauce, and Adam and Apinya Ross have created a tasty line to try. Uninspired by what she found in most stores, Apinya would make her own sauce based on what she learned from her native Thai roots. This eventually turned into a business. These original sauces are delicious and come in seven flavors including pumpkin panang, banana curry, ghost vindaloo, and andaman. The brand has fun, whimsical packing: the octopus mascot holds the ingredients featured in the sauce in his tentacles on the front of each flavor. What's new for 2015? Three new Thai Chili Sauces coming up next month: Andaman, Banana Curry, and Naga.

Bonnie Jams

Bonnie Shershow is as cute as they come, not only with her petite stature, but with her line of jams, Bonnie's Jams, that she has been making and selling for several years. Her inspiration for the line, was her childhood growing up in a house surrounded by acres of citrus trees. She helped her mom gather the fruit and make jams as a hobby. The business idea grew from there and became an instant hit with buyers and the national media, including Oprah magazine, The New York Times, and Food + Wine. New for 2015, two new versions of pepper jelly, peach pepper jelly and blackberry pepper jelly that join the existing red pepper jelly.