20 Instagram Photos That Are Actually Good Slideshow


This photo has a creative, clean composition. It almost looks more like paper than food.

Blueberry Pancakes

This photo is mostly about how amazing the food looks. The photographer does a good job of highlighting the lit side of the dish.


This photo has a sense of place; the photographer is telling a story. The food itself looks spectacular, but the viewer gets to experience the whole setting of the meal. The only thing missing is The New York Times.


This photo emphasizes the hugeness of the burger. The shot is angled slightly upward, making it look like the burger is towering over you, while the dripping sauce and melting cheese make the sandwich look even more inviting.


The diagonal line of the composition moves the eye across the frame. The photo has nice depth of field. The pink hue of the table adds to the playful tone of the cannoli.

Cinnamon Buns

This photo has a nice, clean composition that is free of any distracting elements. The tones of the image are warm and comforting, just like freshly baked a cinnamon bun.


The composition of the photo is meticulously framed, with the beer in one corner and the limes in another. The contrast between the blue tray and the red-orange crab is intriguing, and the photographer isn’t afraid of exposing the imperfections of the subject.


The photographer zooms in on the croissant to show the detail of the pasty’s flaky crust. There is a nice gradient from yellow to orange to red across the composition, with an interesting pop of blue in the background.


The plating makes this photo special. The vertical lines broken up by the circular plate make for an intriguing composition, colored by the warm tones and green hues. The textures are the highlight of this photo; the rough table and smooth plate are mirrored in the roughness of the fish and smoothness of the peas.


Vibrant colors of reds, greens, and blues make this photo exciting. The jalapeño popper is close enough to show detail but there’s still more going on in the shot beyond that. The lines of the composition move the eye back and forth.

Korean Barbecue

The chopsticks in this photo add the anticipation of action without the blurry movement often associated with action shots. The deep, saturated red of the meat and the smoke coming off the barbecue add a great effect.

Lobster Sliders

Instagram/Jane Bruce

It’s hard to make lobster look bad, but this photo makes it look particularly stunning. The four sliders are balanced evenly around the frame, and the warm tone of the buns contrasts nicely against the cool-hued tray. The downward angle of the shot makes the viewer feel like they’re falling into the sandwiches, mouth open.

Guacamole Mise en Place

This is another nicely balanced composition that is brightly lit. The shapes are intriguing, with the roundness of the avocado, bowl, and salt and the rectangular cutting board. The onions and tomato add nice texture to the image.


Instagram/Jane Bruce

The composition of this image is expertly balanced, with the round bowl and the curve of the oysters, and there is nice selective focus on the oyster up front. The ice adds texture, while the bright yellow lemon adds a pop of color.

Ice Cream Cone

Instagram/Jane Bruce

The warm tones in the background of this photo play well off the creamy, pastel-colored ice cream up front. The focus is framed with the drip running down the cone, making the ice cream look good enough to lick.


The composition of this photo is stellar and balanced in every corner. The light comes in from the top-left corner, and the tines of the fork lead the eye diagonally to the slice and then to the whole pie. The deep tones from the blueberry and crust add warmth and depth.

Seafood Feast

The chefs in deeply colored aprons in the background offer great symmetry, especially contrasted against the bright reds, yellows, and pinks of the seafood in the forefront. The photo clearly shows a sense of place, like a calm moment in the thick of a busy night of service.

Squash Blossoms

This photo shows nice selective focus on the spiral in front. There is warm natural light coming in from the window without the subjects appearing blown out. The texture between the creamy cheese and fried squash blossoms is lovely.


The burger in this photo is expertly composed and well balanced, from the sesame seed bun to the garnishes in front. The evenness of the lighting appears to be the result of natural exposure.


This Instagram photo looks like it belongs on the Tumblr "Things Organized Neatly." The pop of warm tones echoes throughout the image, highlighted by deep, vibrant reds.