18 Times Whole Foods Got Into Big Trouble

You can’t make everybody happy all the time, and neither can Whole Foods
Whole Foods

Photo Modified: Flickr / Ines Hegedus-Garcia / CC BY 4.0

Whole Foods was founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas. 

It’s a fact of life: Nobody’s perfect. And just like that’s true for people, it’s also true for companies. The bigger and more popular a company gets, the more likely it is to do something to get itself into trouble. And Whole Foods is certainly no stranger to getting itself into trouble.

18 Times Whole Foods Got Into Big Trouble (Slideshow)

In the years since its founding, Whole Foods has definitely seen its fair share of controversy. Sometimes this controversy comes in the form of being sued, sometimes it comes in the form of PR nightmares, and sometimes it comes in the form of simply doing something that a whole lot of people don’t agree with. Whether on the level or possibly illegal, all of these occurrences accomplished one thing: They generated negative press for the organic supermarket.

Whole Foods has one of the more interesting reputations of all major grocery chains. Some people swear by it, visiting multiple times per week and spending thousands of dollars there annually, while others write it off as an overpriced luxury that’s taking advantage of a fad. But at the end of the day, it’s selling wholesome, organic foods to a population that’s becoming more and more health-conscious, and if someone doesn’t want to shop there, that’s entirely up to them.


No matter how often you shop there, however, there’s no denying that Whole Foods has made its fair share of blunders over the years. From overcharging for prepared foods to infamously selling “asparagus water,” Whole Foods’ not-so-squeaky-clean record has taken a few hits over the years. Read on to learn about 18 times when Whole Foods found itself in some hot water.