10. Elmer Chocolate from 10 Valentine's Day Chocolates to Love (and Hate) Slideshow

10 Valentine's Day Chocolates to Love (and Hate) Slideshow

Jane Bruce

10. Elmer Chocolate

We were all told once to never judge a book by its cover, but here we are. A pretty big cover with a rose (ah, cliché romance) masks some tiny tasteless chocolate from Elmer's.

What did our editors have to say? "Bad clip art from the '80s," "Tootsie Roll flavor," "Orange nougat is like a Creamsicle gone wrong," and the best, "It tastes like chemicals." Ouch.

Maybe give these to your frenemy?

Jane Bruce

9. Russell Stover

Oh, Russell Stover. As much of a childhood memory as a dirt-scuffed knee. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the "quick pick-me-up" is perfect for the last-minute Romeo. Though, would you want to be on the receiving end of these after reading the following?

"Chintzy," "Overly sweet filling," "Grainy truffles," and then there was this: "Sugar blast, but still a classic."

Jane Bruce

8. Hershey's

When you think of Hershey's, you're probably thinking more of kisses and less of assorted chocolates. Which is probably why our editors were confused when they came across the pop-colored box. 

"Exterior is very My Little Pony," "Sweet and girly," "Super sweet, but it's Hershey's, what do you expect?"

Jane Bruce

7. Baci

Meaning "kisses," in Italian, "baci" is an age-old form of exchange between lovers across the pond. With dark chocolate, a ton of hazelnut, and a love note that literally speaks to anyone — where do you go wrong? Apparently, in a few places: 

"Kind of reminds me of a Pokémon ball," "A little Space Age," "Good for kids," "Nothing V-day about them." But they did get it right somewhere, as one editor noted, "Baci are Baci — great if you like them."

Jane Bruce

6. Whitman's

Did you know Whitman's is owned by Russell Stover? Keeping it in the family, you can usually find Whitman's where you find Russell Stover chocolates, but Whitman's is a bigger hit with the crowds.

"Cutesy — looks like those candy hearts," "Lots of caramel and lots of repeats," and "Nice variation." Watch out for those fillings though, as "white chocolate grossness" and "vanilla pudding brûlée" cap the odd comments.

Jane Bruce

5. Ghirardelli

Bold fillings and rich chocolate make for a nice bite, but did Ghirardelli drop the ball in the creative department? A tin heart (Wizard of Oz reference?) carries individually wrapped squares. While we appreciate the thought to let the eater choose their own flavor, isn't the mystery half the experience?

Everyone else agrees, too. "Product pushing much?" "Fine, but not Valentine's Day candy," "Raspberry was overly sweet," and lastly, "What if you like plain chocolate?"

Jane Bruce

4. Lindt

Always a solid contender, Lindt got a little punchy with a hot pink cover, but fell short with a sparse center. 

The good thing about Lindt's truffles? The good stuff lies in the middle. "Buttery," "Super smooth," "Stays on the palate," and, "I wanted a truffle as soon as I saw it," round out the plusses.

Jane Bruce

3. Godiva

Let's start at the very beginning, a little romance shall we? A silk rose atop a cushion cover screams thoughtful and a little panache. Though some might say (and they did) that "it looks like an '80s prom corsage." So what's the word on Godiva's chocolates? "Super creamy truffles," "Rich taste," and "Whipped ganache." We'll take it.

Jane Bruce

2. See's

A good selection goes a long way. So is the case for See's, whose stellar flavors and nutty fillings made our staff a very happy group. 

"Hansel and Gretel!" "Buttery!" "I would be happy to receive this." "Looks homemade!" That's enough to seal the deal for us, just remember to look past the cover. 

Jane Bruce

1. Dove

The underdog takes the cake! Who saw this coming? Not us. We have to admit, the Dove box is definitely sexy. But past that you'll find smooth chocolates with fun fillings like peanut butter and lush ganache.

In fact, it's so decadent, just "drink with a glass of milk" and that's that, Valentine's Day done right. 

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