10 Smart Kitchen Appliances That Will Change The Way You Cook

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In a world where you can do everything from start your car to spy on an ex with your smart phone, why should the kitchen miss out on the fun? Here are the smart appliances that will change the way you cook.

Whirlpool Kitchen of the Future

Whirlpool has a kitchen of the future in the works. An early prototype features a revolutionary touchscreen cooktop that can pull info from your tablet and phone, as well as control your oven and stove and boil water at the same time. The use of induction technology to heat pots keeps the cooktop surface cool to the touch while your food cooks. That means you can easily manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts on the same screen you're stirring your sauce pot on.

Bugatti Noun Toaster

It used to be a toaster was just for toasting bread. Things got crazy when manufacturers added a bagel setting to their toasters. Bugatti is turning the toaster into the must-have appliance of the decade with their Noun Toaster. The clear-walled contraption (made of transparent ceramic glass) is Bluetooth-enabled and syncs up to an app that you control with your phone or tablet. We're not just talking toast from the shower. The Noun can cook shrimp, steak, vegetables, and more.

Dacor’s Discovery iQ 48 inch Dual-Fuel Range

Dacor's Discovery range lets users watch YouTube and cooking how-to's as well as access online recipes on the range. Sync your phone to it and you'll get a text when your food is ready. A compatible Dacor iQ Cooking app lets you program the range remotely to go from boil to simmer easily, and a built-in meat thermometer tells the oven when to pause to prevent overcooking. A pre-programmable guide of dishes means the range will automatically turn off or set to warm when cooking is complete, even if you aren't there. 

Samsung Wi-Fi Refrigerator

This 26-cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator can be used as a television so you can entertain yourself while cooking dinner. The 10.4-inch LCD screen, called the ICE (Interactive Control Entertainment) pad, has a touch screen to leave and record voice messages, jot down your grocery list, set reminders, and plan menus. 

Beyond Microwave with Barcode Scanner

For the home cooks who consider themselves challenged in the stovetop area, the Beyond Microwave takes the guesswork out of microwave cooking. The microwave has the ability to scan the UPC on a food's packaging label and automatically program itself to cook the item perfectly. It holds over 4,000 codes in its database and has a learning function so you can add in new items as you like. 

TMIO Internet-Controlled Refrigerated Oven

Imagine your fridge and oven as an all-in-one thinking machine. TMIO has created it. Their refrigerated oven features two-in-one technology that allows you to refrigerate a meal and cook it remotely via the web or a phone app thanks to remote connectivity based on NASA space technology. It features a Microsoft Media Center Home Network Plug & Play-ready control panel that allows you to control the center's menus from anywhere inside your home. If you've got religious rules to work around, you can even preset cooking to complete before Sabbath begins and automatically enter warming mode when cooking cycle is complete, so your meal will be ready to serve when it's time for dinner. 

Viking Professional 7 Series Range

Viking has teamed up with iDevices to bring home cooks the smartest stove in their series. A Bluetooth-integrated temperature-monitoring device syncs with your phone via a mobile app. You can track the temperature of food remotely and get alerts when your food is ready. 

LG TV Refrigerator

The 15-inch LCD screen on this bad boy functions as a television, DVD player, and FM radio. The fridge will even give you a weather forecast and store digital photos of your favorite meals. An alarm clock, timer, recipe finder, and calendar round out its smart features.

Provina WinePod

Now that you've successfully integrated smart cooking into your kitchen, it's time to move on to the good stuff. The Porvina WinePod is a device that lets you ferment, press, and age frozen grapes in your kitchen with the touch of a button. The machine syncs wirelessly to your computer, sharing all the info you need, and allowing you to monitor each batch you make. Time it so that your wine is ready for that big holiday meal and you've got yourself your very own kitchen winery. 

Dupont Charging Countertop

If you've never thought of your countertop as being an important part of your dinner routine, think again.

DuPont Building Innovations has joined the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and is working with Corian to create wireless charging countertops for smartphones and tablets that will change the way you use your kitchen. Charging iPads and tablets for recipe reading will be as easy as laying the devices down while you're prepping dinner. Corian countertops are embedded with Powermat's wireless charging technology, which is already in use at hospitals and research labs and commercial spaces around New York including Starbucks stores, airline terminals, Madison Square Garden, and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.