The 10 Saddest and Most Hilarious ‘Sad Desk Lunches’ (Slideshow)

The “sad desk lunch” is a lunchtime phenomenon that will make you cry with laughter, and maybe real sadness

The Saddest Chicken and Broccoli Ever

We don’t encourage going on whatever diet inspired this single piece of plain chicken and broccoli rabe. That lonely schmear of hummus (or whatever it is) doesn’t look prepared to take on the task of providing all the flavor for the whole plate. 

The Sad Sausage Desk Lunch from Germany

From the submitter: "Cold discounter Leberkäse (Lidl) with Ikea Ketchup. Cost-cutting in German newspaper business." 

The Mysterious “Spring”

Obviously this isn’t spring water, but what on this green earth could it be? 

The Saddest Steamed Vegetables

If you do decide that the vegetarian lifestyle is for you, please, please use more variety in your diet than this steamed potato and corn. 

The Sadddest Muffin Sandwich

Sometimes you raid the fridge at work to save money, and this is the best thing you can find. 

The Sad Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Sometimes you pack a lunch from home and then a sandwich-specific disaster happens despite your best efforts to keep things un-smushed. 

The Sad Potato Chips on a Sandwich

As Liz Lemon, Tina Fey famously advised us all to put potato chips on a sandwich; but we’re pretty sure she didn’t mean potato chips only. 

The Sad Smoked Liver Paté

Even a delicacy like liver paté can be sad if you eat it at your desk, warming it slowly with the heat from your laptop.

The Sad Tortilla from the Past

Seriously, what year is it that this sad desk lunch took place? Has this photo been submitted from the early ‘90s? There’s something perhaps too sad about this sad tortilla desk lunch. 

The Sad Popcorn Salad

This is not what anyone is ever talking about when they talk about having a “light salad for lunch.”