10 Food Products That Have Taken Christmas Too Far

Whatever happened to being content with candy canes and gingerbread cookies?

10 Food Products That Have Taken Christmas Too Far

During that all-too-brief window of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s’ Day, unofficially known as “the holiday season,” it seems as if every single company in existence wants a piece of the action. From special sales at everything from car dealerships to mattress stores to holiday-themed paper plates, Christmas deals and special items are everywhere you look. This especially extends to food products, and some holiday food products are real head-scratchers.

Christmas Dinner in a Can

Want to eat your Christmas dinner of turkey casserole with winter vegetables, chipolata sausage, stuffing balls, and cranberry jelly out of a self-heating can? Seriously, you might as well just buy a Swanson turkey dinner. 

Pepperidge Farm Red and Green Holiday Goldfish

Though just dying your flagship product red and green instead of inventing an entirely new product comes across as a bit of a cheat, we’d rather Goldfish taste like Cheddar than, say, cinnamon and spice. 

Red and Green Bagels

Red and Green Bagels


Even bagel shops are getting into the Christmas spirit with plenty of them rolling out red, green, or red and green swirled bagels this time of year, colored with food coloring, of course (a pre-cursor to the equally mystifying rainbow bagel phenomenon). There’s something really bizarre about eating a bagel that turns your mouth green. We’ll be sticking with sesame. 

Xochitl Christmas Tortilla Chips

Another example of a product getting hit with some food coloring and suddenly being Christmas-ready, these tortilla chips are downright bizarre. 

Sweet Pringles

There’s been a movement recently toward sweetly-flavored potato chips, and as far as we can tell, nobody actually enjoys eating them. But Pringles is pressing ahead with its annual holiday-themed chips, and this year it’s offering pecan pie, salted caramel, and sugar cookie chips. Because when we whip up a batch of potatoes, we always top them with caramel. 

Tim Hortons Holiday Cups

This holiday season, your Tim Hortons cup will magically transform your face into one of a handful of Christmas-themed characters, including a reindeer, a snowman, or a toy soldier. Except, it really doesn’t. Like, not even close. When it comes to this kind of thing, anything beyond a fake mustache on your cup just isn’t going to look too good. 

Lindt Lindor Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Amazingly, pumpkin spice and chocolate just aren’t a very pleasing combination. Maybe it’s the nutmeg? Who knows, but these are pushing an already overextended theme farther than necessary. 

Candy Cane Oreo Cookies

Oreo has been coming out with these cookies for the holiday season on and off since 2008, and they’re way more complicated than they need to be. Sandwiched between the cookies are two different icings, one white and one red, studded with tiny shards of crunchy sprinkles. We’re guessing they gave up on trying to alternate stripes, so decided to just lay them side by side. 

Christmas Tinner

Concocted by an English retailer named GAME, this is an entire canned Christmas dinner made with busy gamers in mind. If you’re too bust playing video games to be bothered to join your family for Christmas dinner, you can just open one of these cans containing nine layers of food: scrambled eggs and bacon, mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts or broccoli, roast carrots and parsnips, and Christmas pudding for dessert. 

Pickle Candy Canes

The candy cane is perfect just the way it is. The quickest way to ruin it? Make it taste like a dill pickle