These Are Hands-Down the Dumbest Food Trends of 2016

Please, food trend gods, make these go away

Make it stop. 

2016 is mercifully nearing its fiery end (we’re on the home stretch, at least), and just like every year, there’s been no shortage of food fads and trends. Not sure about you, but it seemed to us like 2016 presented us with plenty of asinine, pointless trends that somehow captured the zeitgeist. Here are four fads that we really hope don’t follow us into 2017.

Rainbow Everything
Just because something has eight different types of food coloring in it does not mean that it tastes any better. It just looks silly, and it isn’t worthy of all that time spent in line.

Gigantic Milkshakes
Milkshakes are about the unhealthiest foods on earth, but Black Tap in New York (and plenty of imitators) gild the lily by serving them in gigantic vessels, strewn with cookies, marshmallows, hot fudge, and other varieties of junk food. We wonder how many people who bought one just to Instagram it actually ate the whole thing. Maybe two?

Sushi Burrito
You know what happens to a sushi burrito when you cut it into slices?  It goes back to just being sushi.


You know why nobody thought to turn wine into a slushie before now? Because if you actually care about the flavor of wine, you’ll know that freezing it completely kills it. Drinking a cold glass of rosé on a hot day is one of summer’s great pleasures. Walking around with a plastic cup, drinking frozen wine through a straw? Sad!