9 Bites of Kansas City

Here are the best dishes in the city and where to get them

While this city may be known for BBQ, the dining scene offers a variety of options.

Kansas City is known throughout the country for its delicious barbecue, and for good reason. The city is home to more than 100 BBQ joints and is known for having some of the best the nation has to offer. Famous for their steaks and burnt ends, the BBQ capital of the nation does not disappoint.

But this Midwest spot has more to offer than the BBQ classics (although those classics are so good they made the list, too).

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The city is also home to a wide variety of Mexican restaurants on the famous Southwest Boulevard, many of which authentic and family-run. Kansas City was also voted to have some of the best pizza in the country, so if you're craving a slice there are plenty of options.

Whether Kansas City is your final destination or you are passing through, if you want to experience the BBQ capital to its full potential, here are the top five Kansas City specialties you need to try, and where you need to get them.  

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Additional writing and research was provided by Mary Bloch