Easy Hostess Gifts

Impress your hostess with a thoughtful present
Easy Hostess Gifts

Your hostess will feel special with these personalized, adorable gifts

Getting invited into anyone’s home is an honor. A host or a hostess is offering to entertain you for an evening, offers to tend to your hospitality needs, and share their personal space with you. Don’t you think that they deserves a nice hostess gift as a way to say thanks?

While bottles of wine and flowers are always a welcomed gift, your host or hostess deserves a little more than your average present, especially if they frequently host you in their home. Taking simple presents and slightly personalizing them can make all of the difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Upgraded Flowers

Everyone one always treats a hostess to a beautiful bouquet, but don’t be cliche about it. Wrap your blossoms in a tea towel and attach a wooden spoon or tie the bouquet with string and attached teabags.

Tea Cup Planter
Purchase a few succulents and plant them in adorable teacups that match your hostess’ style.

Lemonade Pitcher

Every hostess lovers entertaining gear. Present her with a new pitcher, filled with fresh whole lemons, a jar of sugar, and a wooden spoon tied to the handle for the perfect summer hostess gift.

DIY Spices


The best part about this gift is you can cater it to the party being hosted. Invited to a backyard BBQ? Show up with your own DIY barbecue rub in an adorable mason jar. Is it taco Tuesday? You hostess friend will love a DIY taco seasoning kit!