Easy DIY Taco Seasoning

You don’t need a package to get the perfect tacos
DIY Tacos

Season your taco’s like a pro!

Tacos are a fabulous and fast weeknight meal. Packed with customizable flavors and toppings, tacos are a great way to enjoy a low-key, hands-on type of meal. While tacos are totally simple to pull together, you’re often missing one ingredient. You have the ground meat, but you’re missing the tortillas. You have the salsa, but you’re missing the sour cream. And while some of these ingredients are completely fine to omit, one thing you cannot skimp on is the spices. Spices are what transform a plain tortilla wrap and beef into a real taco. If you don’t have that pre-packaged seasoning on hand, don’t fret, you can make your own at home. And the best part about doing a DIY season base is you can adjust the heat index as needed. Here are three seasoning mixes for you to try on your tacos:

Mild DIY Taco Seasoning

Sometimes you want the delicious flavor of a taco without the heat. You can make a taco seasoning right from your own spice rack that will give you a flavorful zing without the harsh bite of a spicy mix. This seasoning recipe is especially great for the little ones so they can enjoy tacos without the pain!

Medium DIY Taco Seasoning

When you are looking to make homemade tacos, you want something that has enough bite to be spicy, but is mild enough to enjoy. The good news is you have everything you need in your spice rack right now. Forget those prepackaged mixes; you can pull together the perfect taco seasoning with just a dash of heat that will give your tacos an authentic taste.

Spicy DIY Taco Seasoning


Whether it is tacos or wings, you live for the heat. In fact, it isn't tasty unless your tongue is tingling and your eyes are watering. Packaged spices won't do for your threshold of heat, so really kick it up with this DIY spicy taco seasoning!