East Side Pies: Damn good pies

Damn good pies

East Side Pies is an East Austin gem with locations on Airport and Rosewood (the one I frequent).  I only go here now and then because it is a somewhat expensive pizza joint.  But when I do I am always delighted by their thin, flavorful crust, greasy slices, and innovative toppings.  If you order in person you commit your order in the trenches.  Only fans are running to cool this small  space that houses both the counter, the blazing ovens, and the kitchen.    I always walk outside feeling as though I may have just witnessed some form of heat-heroicism - all in the name of delicious pizza.  Most recently I split a pesto jerk chicken 14" pie.  The woodiness of nutmeg with the crispness of fresh basil spattered this savory pie with just a hint of sweetness.  Grease poured off of each slice as we silently enjoyed our neighborhood and one of its many fruits.  The porch was busy with other pizza-lovers' chatter and it was a really lovely late afternoon lunch.  We have also tried delivery, but really enjoy stopping by in person.  If you just want a slice - they always have enticing pizzas in the display such as a peach and sausage number.  If you own a "Go Local" card you can get a free soda with the standard options plus a selection of Maine Root sodas.    

5312 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX 78751-2256