DTUT: Best Coffee and Craft Beer in New York

Best Coffee and Craft Beer in New York

Spotted: coffee and craft beer on the Upper East Side.

DTUT was a popular coffee hangout on the Upper East Side until its closing in 2007. Now just a few blocks north of its previous location, DTUT is the perfect retreat for a cup of coffee or a delicious craft beer.

Corey Lopez-Thomas, owner of the new DTUT (which stands for Downtown Uptown), revamped the simultaneous café/ bar with Irving Farms coffee from Hudson Valley. He told us he loves their consistently delicious coffee and admires their love for the science of brewing.

Lopez-Thomas wants customers to feel at ease when ordering craft beers. He says that the term shouldn’t alienate people. That’s why beer representatives come to DTUT to give the staff lessons. Knowing the difference between an ale and a lager or how hoppy a beer is can help bartenders suggest beers to newcomers. The bar's lengthy craft beer list includes favorites like Fire Island Sea Salt Ale, Six Point, and Dogfish Head.

Café during the day and bar at night, the revamped DTUT is a great venue, showcasing sustainably-sourced artisan coffee and authentic, creative craft beers.

1744 2nd Ave (at E 91st St)
New York, NY 10128