Pink Wine


You Can Drink Rosé All Year Long... Really

If you do your research, you’ll learn that rosé is actually considered an autumn wine

When you picture yourself enjoying a glass of rosé, the image probably includes the setting of a fancy rooftop on a glorious, steamy summer day. Though the light, delicate aroma of this pink drink may make it seem like a wine you’d enjoy under the sun, despite what everyone tells you, you can drink rosé whenever you want. In fact, because of its origins, many believe it’s meant to be enjoyed in the fall.

Stop and think about rosé and it’s complexion: It’s merely a darker version of white wine, and the only difference of color and taste lies in how the grapes are vinified.

Unfortunately, because of its color and ability to pair well with summer foods, rosé suffers a from a form of seasonal depression. Just because you’d rather eat a light salad in the summer doesn’t mean you have to eat it in the summer. Red wine pairs well with warm foods, but people enjoy it year-round.

So, we ask, rethink the pink: It’s a wine, not a vegetable. It doesn’t have a definite season, and its association with summer is a mere frame-of-mind.

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