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The World’s 25 Wackiest Beer Tap Handles

These spectacular pieces of art really stand out from the crowd
ID 123138800 © Baker244 |

It’s happened so many times: You belly up to the bar, intending to request a pint of your stand-by lager or stout, when suddenly, something catches your eye among the beer taps. Is that a garden gnome peering out from under a stack of pancakes? And wait — is that a maniacal, mustachioed pumpkin next to him?!

We’re suckers for zany, unusual beer tap handles. A creative tap handle is almost magical, and can compel you to order something new or offbeat that you wouldn’t normally request.

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Beer tap handles have become an art form; they’re a way for beer-makers to introduce you to the true spirit of their brews before you even take a sip. They come in every conceivable shape, material, and color, and they have grown more and more outlandish over the past few decades.


We recently set out to see how many one-of-a-kind tap handles we could track down. Sometimes impractical, but always spectacular, these pieces of art really stand out from the crowd. As Benjamin Franklin said, “There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.” These 25 inventive beer tap handles will certainly point you in the right direction.