What's Your Drink Horoscope Slideshow


Capricorns are practical, prudent, careful, and reserved. In other words, if they do go for a wild night out, you can bet they're sipping plenty of water between drinks. Additionally, Capricorns, with their penchant for pessimism, don't always make for the best company after overly imbibing. The best drink for a Capricorn, therefore, is a nice, crisp glass of pinot grigio, which can be happily sipped in moderation all evening.


The perfect drink for wild, eccentric, ambitious Aquarius? Tequila, obviously, in all of its glorious forms: shots, mixed up in margaritas, stirred with orange juice and grenadine, whatever. But the best way for them to drink tequila is with a strong, spicy twist of jalapeño, because unpredictable and intractable Aquariuses have a kick.


Pisces are sensitive, selfless, kind, and maybe a little bit unworldly, at times. In other words, the human equivalent of a White Russian. Delicious, sweet, comforting, homey.


Maryse Chevriere

People under the sign of Aries are adventurous, dynamic, and pioneering. They love to try new things, and aren't afraid to experiment, which is why this whole mixology renaissance has been amazing for them. Lillet? Fernet? Barrel-aged cocktails? Whatever unique cocktail is on the menu, Arieses are up for trying it. They're pretty awesome like that.


Tauruses are warmhearted, friendly people who enjoy good company, and convivial nights with close friends. They're not ones for crazy adventures, change, or fads just good times. They do, however, appreciate life's little luxuries. In other words, they like to drink the good stuff. The perfect drink for a Taurus, therefore, is a nice glass of scotch (Glenfiddich, perhaps?), to be enjoyed in a room full of old friends.


Gemini are known for being at ease in all social situations they're flirtatious, extroverted, quick, and clever. In other words, they're... bubbly. (See where were going here?) Obviously, the perfect drink for effervescent Geminis is a flute of prosecco, sipped between conversations, while holding court at a party.


Cancers are basically a roller coaster of emotions. They're wonderfully loving and imaginative, but also moody, clingy, and... sort of dramatic? In other words, Cancers lead passionate, dramatic lives, and what better liquid supplement to passionate, dramatic lives than red wine? Probably something Italian, like a chianti, or a barbera something you can both raise your glass with and cry into, depending on the mood.


Leos are generous, warmhearted, faithful, and creative. What better drink for them, then, than versatile Dutch gin (Genever)? This juniper-flavored drink is the oldest variety of gin, and has been keeping people warm and jovial for centuries. Best of all, its an alcohol that lets Leos be endlessly creative in its consumption, as it can be mixed into almost any cocktail, yet is equally good sipped alone.


Virgos are wonderful people, but they can be a little... meticulous. Analytical. Modest. In other words, they're not the ones who are going to be slamming back body shots at the bar. The best drink for intelligent and practical Virgos is a gin and tonic. No fuss, no messy ingredients, no extra calories. Just a classic, to-the-point drink.


Even in the worst of times, Libras generally seem to have their act together. They're easygoing, urbane, and peaceful. The type of people you can invite to a party and not worry about you know they'll make conversation and have a perfectly good time, without too much baby-sitting. Totally reliable, just like a martini, which, coincidentally, is the perfect drink for a Libra. Straight up.


Scorpios are determined, forceful, and powerful. Also, they can get jealous and obsessive, which is why they probably shouldn't overindulge in alcohol. But when they do, a nice glass of whiskey, neat, should do the trick.


Sagittariuses are freedom-loving, honest, and straightforward they enjoy the simple things in life. No frilly, fancy drinks for them; they prefer something drawn right out of the keg at a friendly bar, preferably an IPA. (Or a simple cranberry vodka, for the Sagittariuses who don't like beer.) They'll drink anything that they can order at bars of all calibers, without having to think about it too much.