What Your Drink Says About Your Relationship Status Slideshow


Whiskey, Neat


You're single and looking to find a date.

Long Island Iced Tea


You're single and looking to hook up with someone, anyone.

Martini, Straight Up and Dirty

Maryse Chevriere

You're on a first date and looking to impress.

Red Wine, with Dinner


Yes! You're on the second date and already planning the third.

The Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc You Were Saving for Your Friend's Dinner Party


It's the first time you casually invite them in for a drink (you can pick up a new bottle for your friend's party).

Mimosas and Bloody Marys


It's the first Sunday morning after you've spent the entire weekend together for the first time in blissful coupledom.

Tequila Shots for Everyone, on You


It's the first time you go out with his or her friends, and you want to make a good first impression.

Any Beer That's on Tap, and Keep Them Coming

Flickr/Bernt Rostad

You're meeting your best friend at a bar, completely distraught, after your first fight.

A Bottle of Something Fizzy, Like Lambrusco


It's six months into the relationship, you're at your favorite local Italian restaurant, when you realize you might love each other.

Lots and Lots of Champagne

Flickr/Lachlan Hardy

You're at your cousin's wedding, and he or she is meeting your entire extended family for the first time.

Way Too Many Glasses of the Questionable Punch


You're at your co-worker's Halloween party, wearing matching costumes.

Hot Toddies by the Fire in a Cozy Pub

Flickr/Sharona Gott

It's a Wednesday night in winter and you just randomly decided to meet up after work even though you hadn't originally planned to.

Anything Strong, Frozen, and Tasty That Comes in a Cool Glass


You're somewhere warm and relaxing on vacation together for the first time.

Pinot Grigio


You're in the middle of a somewhat tense, strained dinner and neither of you knows what's wrong.

Vodka, Straight Up, From That Bottle in Your Freezer


It's the last time you guys get really drunk and try to hash it out in the hopes of making everything better.

Then, again, the first night after you've broken up.

And then, again, the second night after you've broken up — there's only one miserable slurp left, and you forgot to put the bottle back in the freezer last night but it doesn't even matter at this point.

A Few Bottles of Two Buck Chuck


You're still crying to your friends two weeks later.

Piña Coladas

Angostura Bitters

It's the first time you let your friends drag you back out again, and you're at that tiki bar they thought would be "fun."

IPA on Tap at That Awesome New Bar


It's the first time you go out with friends and actually start to feel OK.

Whiskey, Neat


You're finally ready to date again.