Healthy Eggnog

Shutterstock/ Ildi Papp

Ways to Make Your Eggnog Healthier

Enjoy your eggnog with less guilt using these three tips
Healthy Eggnog

Shutterstock/ Ildi Papp

Eggnog isn’t good for you, but there are ways to make it healthier.

The holidays are surely the best time of the year, but they’re undoubtedly filled with temptation. We’ve done our research, and amongst the candies, cookies, and boozy cocktails, eggnog is surely one of the most unhealthy holiday staples out there.                                        

If you insist on enjoying the creamy cocktail and refuse to give it up, have no fear. There are ways to make your eggnog healthier.

Here are three ways to make your cup of nog a little less deadly.

Skip the Booze

We know, we know, the booze is the best part. With that said, a mere ounce of brandy can add up to 70 calories to your beverage. Look at it this way: If you drink less alcohol, you be won’t be as tempted to drunk eat the left over Christmas cookies.

Try a Milk Alternative

People are constantly debating about whether or not milk is good for you, but in our opinion, it’s better safe than sorry. Try almond or soy milk  in your next eggnog recipe, and you may be surprised by how similar it tastes. (Some would go as far as saying it tastes better!) 

Use Less Cream

Your average eggnog recipe calls for around a cup of heavy cream, also known as your calorie counts’ worst nightmare. We recognize that the cream is the ingredient that makes your cup of nog thick and delicious, but if you’re truly trying your watch your diet, cutting down on the cream is a good place to start.