You Won't Believe How Many Calories Are In Your Eggnog

Once the holidays are on the horizon, everybody's talking about eggnog. The peculiar thing about this festive drink is that whether everyone loves it or hates it, it's always served at holiday parties. It's just the way of the 'nog.

When you're sipping on your favorite tasty holiday treats, calorie intake is probably the last thing on your mind. Sadly, we're here to tell you that if you're reaching for the eggnog... you might want to think again.

Take a moment to think about what's really  in eggnog.  Put simply, it's a custard-like drink with cream, milk, sugar, whipped eggs, and alcohol. Chances are, if you're drinking a carton of commercial eggnog you bought at the supermarket, you're probably getting much more nog than egg.

According to MentalFloss, a measly four-ounce cup of store-bought eggnog can contain up to 170 calories (half of them from fat), 10 grams of fat, and over 70 mg of cholesterol.

Unfortunately, the homemade stuff is just as bad for you if you're focused specifically on calories. This calorie counter states your average eight-ounce cup of homemade eggnog will contain around 344 calories.

Think of it this way: Eggnog is basically a boozy milkshake that contains just as much dairy and even more cream. But, if you're still crazy about eggnog (and don't care about the calories), click here for the best and worst eggnogs to buy.