Tom Collins: The Epitome of Summer

A Tom Collins is the perfect summer drink

Shutterstock/Ivan Mateev

Tom Collins 101

A lot of drinks immediately recall a particular season. For example, a steaming cup of hot chocolate probably makes you want to snuggle up into your favorite sweater and watch a Christmas movie. And the sweet smell of pumpkin spice lattes means it’s time to put your bathing suits away — fall is here.

During the spring and summer, most people are drawn cocktails that are refreshing, fruity, and ice cold. To create a simple summer cocktail, just take your favorite liquor and add to any mixer. Throw in some herbs or a slice of lime, and ta-da! You have a quick and easy mixed drink. If you’re hoping to take your summer cocktail to the next level, look no further than the Tom Collins.

The Tom Collins is a combination of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. This is the perfect drink for summer not only because it contains lemon juice (a very refreshing addition), but also because it’s so easy to make. You can throw it together, get into your bikini, and sip the day away. Want to know a fun fact about the Tom Collins? According to advisory board member David Wondrich, it was invented in London. As the Brits say, cheers!


Looking for a few spin-offs on the classic Tom Collins? Instead of using only lemon juice, we suggest adding lime juice to the mix as well. Click here for our favorite Tom Collins recipe.