Summer’s Here, Time to Drink Yellow Beer

Pilsener, Kölsch, cream ale, and blonde ale are perfect beers for summer
Yellow Beers

Julie Verive

There are some great easy-drinking beers that are worth seeking out.

It wasn’t so long ago that straw yellow beer was considered the enemy of the craft beer movement. Light lager represented the unimaginative hegemony of the giant breweries, while pungent pale ales and inky stouts were deemed more flavorful, genuine expressions of the brewer’s trade. But recently, even craft brewers have embraced golden lagers and their related styles. Shelves and tap lists overflow with small-batch Pilseners and blonde ales, and for good reason. The family of golden beers strikes a balance between approachability and character.

These yellow brews of summer are all thoroughly refreshing, with a balance of malt flavor and hop character, a restrained alcohol content and a clean and crisp finish. But what exactly is the difference between a Pilsener, a Kölsch, a cream ale and a blonde ale? For a breakdown of the yellow brews, and why you should give them a try, read the article from the LA Times.