Shake Up, Drink Down: the Swedish Thing from Analogue in New York City

Celebrate the arrival of summer with this refreshing cocktail recipe

The Swedish Thing cocktail at Analogue.

Midsommar, Sweden’s biggest national holiday, is celebrated each year by the young and old alike across the country. Rooted in the Christian tradition of the Feast of St. John the Baptist dating back one and a half millennia, it also draws from even more antiquitous Pagan traditions centered around the summer solstice.

Today, Swedes spend the day dancing around Maypoles, wearing flower crowns, lighting bonfires, and drinking schnapps with purpose while singing festive songs. We, however, are shaking up the more complex The Swedish Thing from Analogue in Greenwich Village to toast the season of warm nights refreshed by cold cocktails—skål!

The Swedish Thing | Tre Stillwagon, Analogue
.75 oz. vodka
.75 oz. Curaçao
.75 oz. aquavit
.75 oz. lemon
.5 oz. ginger syrup
1 egg white


Double shake ingredients and double strain into a coupe. Garnish with cardamom powder.